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NZ Trade Group

We help trade businesses to get ahead faster through a unique combination of software, suppliers, business training and support


NZ Trade Group is the only complete membership organisation created specifically for the electrical trade in New Zealand.

Through software, training and partnerships, we take our members from being great tradespeople into leading business people.

We're a national membership organisation that offers a genuine relationship-driven partnership that can last the life cycle of your trade business. We love working with companies that are new to the market and looking for help or guidance in the areas of business training, mentoring, brand marketing, software solutions and implementing effective and lasting processes. 

We also work with established trade businesses of all sizes to help consolidate systems, build networks and scale operations. All members have access to great pricing structures, preferred supplier products and services and a range of customised benefits that aims to make our members more competitive and able to win more work.    

For our growing member base, NZTG means more profit, more success and more knowledge. We are committed to building a rock-solid national network of qualified and reputable electricians who join us in the vision of raising the bar of quality and trust in our industry.

NZ Trade Group

What We Do

We know there are a heap of skilled electricians from across New Zealand out there on their own. From the outset however, few are taught how to run a successful and sustainable business.

We are driven to make the trade sector better and to guide great tradespeople to become great business people. We do this through a range of business support, training and software that helps businesses get the tools they need to succeed.


It doesn't matter if you're new in business or if you're established, NZ Trade Group is here to help grow your business, provide structure and functionality, increase profit and help build relationships. Our connected network is second to none.  

Networking & Events


We invest heavily in providing a structured calendar of events and other opportunities for our membership to network and regularly interact with other members, suppliers and partners.

Through regional roadshows, supplier events, group training opportunities our annual NZTG Member & Supplier Conference, there’s nothing like it. We aim to be inclusive and both business and family orientated so we can form close relationships. 

Many of our events provide new and exciting business opportunities as well as working towards out continuing professional development framework for our industry.    

NZ Trade Group

Our People

The best thing about NZ Trade Group is it's people. We have a unique combination of experience and expertise in all areas of business. From an outstanding wealth of electrical knowledge, we also have people with backgrounds in business ownership and management, HR & recruitment, marketing, training and everything in between to provide solutions and support.

NZTG also has a dedicated in-house team of talented software developers and technical support staff to provide a lending hand with our software solutions and systems integration.


We work with all of our members with the aim to make them more efficient and successful with the right tools and resources. 

Our Software

NZ Trade Group is proud to offer Katipolt exclusively to our national members. Katipolt is a revolutionary business software platform that operates as an end-to-end quoting and job management solution that links directly to J.A. Russell and Xero.

Katipolt covers everything from creating jobs, timesheets, labour bookings, invoicing and scheduling. The key functionality is the in-built quoting and plan layout platform that creates professional quotes to present to your customers, builders and architects.


Business Partnerships

It's no secret that NZ Trade Group has aligned itself exclusively with New Zealand's best and most experienced electrical wholesaler, J. A. Russell and Radcliffe Electrical.​

NZTG has nationwide supplier arrangements in place with a number of leading and reputable electrical suppliers that provide high-level service and knowledge to all members. These well established relationships mean access to a support network on every job that give members a competitive edge and provide a culture of continuing professional development.   

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